The 3 best RV holding tank treatments

RV holding tank treatment is essential for anyone who wants to keep their RV’s plumbing in prime condition and odor-free. Whether you’re a seasoned road warrior or a newbie to the world of recreational vehicles, managing the waste system efficiently is crucial for a pleasant journey.

Happy Campers RV Toilet Treatment

The 3 best RV holding tank treatments

The Happy Campers RV Toilet Treatment 18 stands out as a stellar product that truly delivers on its promise. Renowned for its extra-strength odor-eliminating capabilities, it effectively tackles unpleasant smells in both black and gray holding tanks. The formula is not only easy to use but also excels in breaking down waste, ensuring your tanks remain clean and free from odor.

One of the most notable attributes of this product is its commitment to environmental safety. It’s biodegradable, non-toxic, and perfectly safe for both septic tanks and your RV’s plumbing system. Moreover, the Happy Campers RV Toilet Treatment 18 is completely fragrance-free, which is a significant advantage for those sensitive to strong smells.

Why Choose Happy Campers RV Toilet Treatment 18?

This product is an excellent choice within the sewer chemicals and cleaners category for several reasons:

  • Eco-Friendly: It is formaldehyde-free and safe for use in septic systems, holding tanks, and even municipal wastewater facilities, ensuring that it does not contribute to environmental degradation.
  • Odor Control: Its effectiveness in eliminating odors from holding tanks is remarkable, making it an essential item for any RV enthusiast.
  • Versatile and Safe: The product is environmentally friendly and safe for use in various settings, including campgrounds.
  • User-Friendly Format: It comes in a powdered form, which is a preferable alternative to liquid treatments for many users.

Considerations Before Buying

While the Happy Campers RV Toilet Treatment 18 offers numerous benefits, there are a couple of aspects to consider:

  • Application Process: The treatment requires measuring, which might not be as straightforward as using pre-measured pods or tablets.
  • Packaging: Opening the package can sometimes be messy, which might be a minor inconvenience for some users.

Product Specifications

  • Material: Granule
  • Weight: 1.13 pounds
  • Usage: RV Holding Tank
  • Feature: Fragrance-Free
  • Advantage: Concentrated
  • Scent: Unscented


Overall, the Happy Campers RV Toilet Treatment 18 is a top-tier option for those in need of an effective and environmentally responsible solution to manage their RV holding tanks. Its ability to combine powerful cleaning performance with eco-friendly attributes makes it a must-have for conscientious RV owners.

Liquified RV Toilet Treatment – Odor Eliminator

best RV Toilet Treatment

In his detailed review, Matt from RV Reviews expresses his high regard for the Liquified RV Toilet Treatment. He emphasizes the product’s efficiency as a black holding tank digester, noting its prowess in breaking down waste and neutralizing odors effectively. An added bonus, according to Matt, is the pleasant orange scent that remains after use, enhancing the overall freshness of the environment.

Offering 32 treatments per bottle, this RV toilet treatment stands out as a cost-effective option. Matt strongly endorses the Liquified RV Toilet Treatment to anyone seeking a reliable and refreshing solution for their RV’s black holding tank.

Highlights of Liquified RV Toilet Treatment

  • Odor and Waste Management: It excels in combating odors and breaking down waste, ensuring a clean and odor-free tank.
  • Quantity: Each bottle contains 32 treatments, providing good value for money.
  • Sensor Cleaning: It is also effective in cleaning tank sensors, maintaining the functionality of the RV system.
  • Safety: The formula is non-toxic and safe for pets, making it a worry-free choice for pet owners.
  • Origin: Proudly made in the USA.

Points to Consider

  • Scent Strength: While the orange scent is generally pleasing, it can be overpowering for some.
  • Visibility: It’s difficult to determine the remaining amount in the bottle, which could be inconvenient.

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Liquified RV Toilet Treatment
  • Form: Liquid
  • Power: Enzyme-based solution
  • Odor Eliminator: Yes
  • Size: 32oz
  • Material: Biodegradable
  • Usage: Sewer


The Liquified RV Toilet Treatment is an excellent choice for those who prioritize effectiveness and a fresh scent in managing their RV’s black holding tank. With its powerful enzyme-based formula and additional benefits, it’s highly recommended for maintaining a clean and pleasant-smelling RV environment.

Camco TST MAX Camper / RV Toilet Treatment Drop-INs

best RV Toilet Treatment

The Camco TST MAX Camper / RV Toilet Treatment Drop-INs revolutionize the camping experience for RV enthusiasts. These convenient drop-ins effectively manage odors and break down waste and tissue, making them a crucial tool for any camper. The formula is safe for septic tanks, ensuring that your RV’s plumbing remains in excellent condition, while the invigorating orange scent keeps your bathroom smelling fresh and clean.

Each pack contains 30 drop-ins, providing ample supply for numerous trips. The user-friendly drop-in format allows for effortless application—simply place a tablet into the toilet tank, and the robust formula begins working immediately to maintain a fresh and clean toilet. Ideal for extended road trips or weekend stays at a campsite, these Camco TST MAX Camper / RV Toilet Treatment Drop-INs are indispensable for a comfortable and odor-free camping adventure. They come highly recommended!

Advantages of Camco TST MAX Drop-INs

  • Septic Safety: Formulated to be safe for septic systems.
  • Odor Control: Equipped with advanced odor-fighting technology.
  • Versatility: Suitable for full-time RV living.
  • Efficiency: Breaks down both waste and toilet paper efficiently.
  • Quantity: The package includes 30 drop-ins for extended use.

Points of Consideration

  • Scent Intensity: The orange scent might be too strong for some preferences.
  • Dissolution Time: The drop-ins require some time to fully dissolve.

Product Specifications

  • Weight: 3.28 pounds
  • Type: Drop-In Tablet
  • Size: 3.44 x 6.81 x 4.94 inches
  • Usage: Suitable for up to 40-gallon tanks
  • Septic System Compatibility: Yes
  • Fragrance: Orange


For those seeking an effective, easy-to-use solution for RV toilet maintenance, the Camco TST MAX Camper / RV Toilet Treatment Drop-INs are an excellent choice. They not only simplify the process of keeping your RV toilet clean and odor-free but also enhance the overall camping experience with their powerful and safe formula.

Why Use RV Holding Tank Treatment?

Imagine this: You’re parked in a beautiful, remote campsite. The stars are twinkling above, the air is crisp, and then it hits you—a foul smell wafting from your RV. This scenario is exactly why RV holding tank treatment isn’t just a recommendation; it’s a necessity.

RV holding tank treatments are designed to break down waste, reduce odors, and prevent the buildup of harmful bacteria and solids. They ensure that the tanks are functioning properly and hygienically, which is vital for any RV trip. Without proper treatment, the tanks can emit unpleasant odors and become a breeding ground for bacteria, which could lead to more significant issues down the road.

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Types of RV Holding Tank Treatments

There are several types of RV holding tank treatments available, each with its own method of tackling waste management.

Biological Treatments

These treatments use natural bacteria and enzymes to break down waste, making them an eco-friendly option. They are effective in controlling odors and decomposing solids, but their performance can vary with temperature changes.

Chemical Treatments

Often containing formaldehyde or other chemicals, these treatments are highly effective at breaking down waste and controlling odors quickly. However, they can be harsh on the environment and may not be allowed in all campgrounds.

Eco-Friendly Chemical Treatments

These are a newer category, offering the effectiveness of chemical treatments but made with environmentally friendly ingredients. They are becoming increasingly popular as more RVers seek sustainable options.

How to Use RV Holding Tank Treatments Effectively

Using RV holding tank treatment effectively involves more than just pouring a solution into your tank. Here’s a step-by-step guide to ensure you get the most out of your treatment.

  1. Start with a Clean Slate: Before adding any treatment, make sure your holding tanks are as clean as possible. This might mean a thorough flush if it’s been a while since the last clean.
  2. Follow Instructions: Each type of RV holding tank treatment comes with its own set of instructions. Some may require you to dilute the treatment with water, while others might be used directly.
  3. Regular Maintenance: Regularly add the treatment as recommended by the manufacturer, usually after emptying the tank.
  4. Monitor and Adjust: Keep an eye on how effective the treatment is. If odors persist or if the breakdown of waste is not as efficient, you may need to adjust the amount of treatment or try a different type.

Common Challenges and Solutions

Even with the best RV holding tank treatment, challenges can arise. Here are a few common issues and how to solve them.

Persistent Odors

If odors continue despite treatment, this could indicate that you need to use more product, or it might be time to switch to a different type of treatment. Also, ensure that your tank vents are not blocked, as this can trap odors inside.

Tank Sensors Malfunctioning

Sometimes waste buildup can cause tank sensors to show incorrect readings. Regular treatments and thorough cleanings can prevent this issue.

Temperature Extremes

In very hot or cold conditions, treatment effectiveness can vary. In cold weather, consider a treatment designed to work in lower temperatures or increase the frequency of treatment.

Real-Life Example

John and Linda, a retired couple who travel frequently in their RV, once faced a major issue with their holding tank. Despite regular use of a popular chemical treatment, they struggled with odors and inefficient waste breakdown. After switching to a biological treatment recommended by a fellow RVer, they noticed an immediate improvement. This switch not only resolved their odor issues but also made them feel better about their environmental impact.


Choosing the right RV holding tank treatment can make all the difference in your travels, ensuring your focus remains on the adventure ahead, not the smells behind. Whether you opt for a chemical, biological, or eco-friendly option, the key is regular maintenance and being attentive to how your system is responding to the treatment. With the right approach, you can keep your RV’s holding tank in great shape, making every road trip enjoyable and hassle-free.

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